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Plenty of users prefer phone payments, but we know there still may be some questions that come with paying by phone. See our answers below on how to best make use of this convenient payment method.

If your order is less than €10, you can pay in one go, but most phone providers require you to pay in multiple payments. You’ll most likely have to call/text a few times until you finish the transaction. Of course, it depends on your order total and the selected provider. We do show you a handy progress bar while calling to make it easier, but be sure you do not stop calling until you are asked. If you do, your payment will be incomplete. This process may take about 10-20 minutes. Note: The green bar that fills up when using Daopay represents each individual payment, not the complete transaction. The full transaction to be made is shown in the link we send you.

The extra charges are set by the phone payment provider of your choosing, not by Dundle. Payment providers charge varying fees for SMS and phone payments. Since we do not collect these fees, we, unfortunately, cannot change them. Our own service fees are usually much lower (varying from 1-3 euros) and are shown to you immediately upon checkout.

Most likely, you have reached your spending limit with your phone payment method provider. In most cases, this is a weekly limit (except for Fortumo which has a monthly limit). Don't worry because once the limit is reset, you can complete your order. You can keep track of your transactions by requesting your order history or through the following providers:

If the questions above did not solve your issue, it’s best to contact your payment provider directly. 

  • Fortumo Support: 

  • Email Daopay Support: 

  • Email Onebip Support: 

  • Email Support:

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