As an official reseller of paysafecard, we've got the answers to your most commonly asked questions about this popular online payment method below. Find all you need to know about using your card here.

The block may be the result of their automatic security system, which is triggered easily. Here’s what you can do about it: Reach out to the paysafecard Customer Service to ask them to unblock your card. Provide them the code of your card and serial number, which you can find in the Dundle delivery email. Also, send them a screenshot of the error message you got while you tried to use your code so that your issue can be resolved quickly!

Your 100 euros paysafecard may not have been accepted because of the paysafecard fees and limits policy. This differs from country to country and it is sometimes not possible to redeem a 100 euros eGift Card all at once. But you can do it in two separate transactions. So simply make a €50 transaction first, and then redeem the remaining €50. That should solve the issue for you.

You can always view the usage history of your paysafecard in the paysafecard app for iOS or Android. If your code appears used, but you, yourself, never redeemed or shared it, please send us an email. We’ll be able to check if there was any issue and provide you with the solution.

If the code is for someone you know, or as a gift, of course! But if you are asked by someone you do not know to buy this product, we advise you to double-check you are not being tricked. Online fraudsters request payment with these sorts of products because they are easy to get and difficult to track. Find out how to avoid being scammed and make sure you are not being taken advantage of because we, unfortunately, cannot help if you share the code with anyone else. See the paysafecard security page for more tips.

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