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Easily add credit to your prepaid phone with digital Orange Prepaid Phone Cards. Choose the amount according to your needs and receive it instantly by email. No strings attached, simply order a new card when your credit is exhausted. Also benefit from unlimited calls and text messages from 9pm to midnight! These prepaid cards can only be used in metropolitan France and for Orange prepaid phones.

How does it work?

Follow these instructions to top up your Orange prepaid balance with your code:


  • Call 5123 from your Belgian Orange prepaid phone for free from within Belgium.

  • Choose option 4 in the spoken menu, followed by option 1.

  • Enter the 14 digits of the reload code and close it off with a #.

Your call value has been reloaded!


Enter #125*CODE# (replace CODE with the 14 digits you received from us) and press the call key. Your call value has been reloaded!

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