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Refunds are only possible if there was a technical issue during your ordering process. Once a code has been sent and received by you in a valid state, it is not possible to return the eGift Card nor receive a refund. For more information, please consult our Complaint Policy and Terms & Conditions.

We ask our customers to verify themselves to help prevent fraud and theft. The verification process we use contributes to greater security measures like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). These processes are integral measures to help prevent all our customers from falling victim to scams. Get to know more about what identity verification is in our article.

Please note: Always make sure to order one of our products for yourself or someone you know personally. Never use it as payment to a third party. Always use a traceable payment method for transactions on the internet.

The Dundle app is a free and convenient mobile app version of the Dundle website. You can download it for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS from the App Store. It makes buying, storing, and accessing your prepaid codes easier and safer than ever! It is currently available in 28 countries:

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Malta, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Romania and Slovakia.

You will receive your payment within 1-3 working days, depending on the payment method used. You can find more information on the waiting times per payment method in the FAQs on that topic.

Don’t worry! After placing an order on our website, we send a verification link to the email address you entered. If you cannot verify your email address on time, as is the case for invalid email addresses, your order is automatically cancelled and your money refunded. Refunds can take from 1 to 30 days depending on the payment method you used. Check the FAQs related to refunds to know more about the process. You can check the status of your order yourself by requesting your order history for the email address you provided (even if incorrectly).

Note: If you used a phone payment method for your order, we advise you to contact our customer service at support@dundle.com. These payments cannot be automatically refunded.

Трябва ли ви помощ във връзка с използването на закупения код? Свържете се с нас, ако имате въпроси. На ваше разположение сме от понеделник до петък между 9 и 21 ч. и в събота между 9 и 15 ч. (централноевропейско време). Имайте предвид, че отговорите ни ще са на английски език.

Поискайте историята на поръчките си

За да получите информация относно предишните си покупки, въведете имейл адреса си, който се ползвали за покупката си от Dundle. Проверете статуса и подробностите за последните си покупки и никога няма да се чудите кои са кодовете ви.

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We do our best to provide the latest information. Every product is different, and some conditions change quickly. Please message us to support@dundle.com, stating the email address which you used to order from us. Provide screenshots where possible. This helps us solve your problem faster. We aim to answer all emails within 2 days.

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