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New to the app? No worries. Read the questions below to learn more about the features of our mobile app, how to use it, and what’s to come.

The Dundle app is a free and convenient mobile app version of the Dundle website. You can download it for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS from the App Store. It makes buying, storing, and accessing your prepaid codes easier and safer than ever! It is currently available in 28 countries:

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Malta, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Romania and Slovakia.

Simply download the app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store directly on your device.

You will find most products from each category, but depending on your region, some products may not yet be available for purchase in the app. Don’t worry, in the meantime, you can still get them easily online at Dundle.com.

When you open the app for the first time you can enter your email or sign up with Google. You can skip this step, but entering the same email you use on Dundle.com makes ordering and viewing your past orders possible in the app. And don’t forget the added bonus of earning those Dundle Coins!

It’s simple. Just click the “Settings” icon at the bottom of your screen and log out from the current email in the account settings. To change the preferred language, region, and currency simply change it in the “Preferences” menu.

Tap on the “Settings” icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Under “Information” you can tap “Customer Service” to reach our support team via our website.

Yes, of course! While full integration of Dundle World in the app is on its way, you are already earning and saving Dundle Coins with your in-app purchases, Just make sure you use the same email address to order as you’ve used before on the Dundle website.

For now, Dundle Coins must be redeemed online on Dundle World, but this functionality will be rolled out in the app very soon.

Currently, only one email at a time is accepted in the Dundle app. This makes saving Dundle Coins, reordering favorites and viewing past orders easier.

This could either be because you did not add your email address to the app yet, or because you’ve never ordered from us before with the email address you provided in the app.

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