How To Recognize A Scam

Most scams have similar scenarios. These some of the most common scams and fraud cases that are currently known:

  • Asking for a gift card as payment: The most general trait of a scam is that they ask for a gift card as payment in one way or another. Remember, gift cards are NOT an accepted payment method for anything other than the official site on which they can be redeemed. Keep your digital code for private use only. Never give it away as means of payment for anything to people you do not personally know!

  • Sympathy scams: People try to appeal to your good heart. They will tell you the most heart-wrenching stories just to trick you into buying gift cards for them. Stories like: “My baby has nothing to eat / wear / needs an operation” or “I am a handicapped veteran who needs food / a shower / transport”. Do not fall for these lies.

  • Bank account or electronic wallet phishing emails: You will receive an email, which claims to be from your bank or PayPal account at first sight. They will claim there has been suspicious activity on your account and ask you to reveal your login and password to them. Your official bank or electronic wallet does not have to ask you for your login or password, they store this data for you.

  • SMS with mobile payment link: You will receive a text message which informs you that you owe someone money. There will be a link for you to click on to settle the payment. NEVER click that link - it will initiate a mobile payment and you will pay for an unknown amount with your mobile phone balance.

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