Amazon eGift Card

Find out how to solve the most common issues with using your Amazon eGift Card.

Amazon codes are region-specific, so they will only work on the Amazon website of the country they were purchased for. 

Example: codes will only work on, the German Amazon website. If you bought a code for the wrong country, you will have to visit that country's Amazon store to use it.

To see which country your code is for, please refer to the delivery email you received from us. The product you bought is named at the top of your redeem instructions and has the corresponding regional Amazon domain listed there. You can always go to the corresponding Amazon website and use your gift card there.

When you receive this error message after trying to redeem your Amazon code, it indicates that it has already been used. Please ensure you did not already use this code on a different Amazon account and never share these codes with any third parties. You can always contact Amazon Customer Service for more information if you can't remember which account you used it on.

Amazon has strict security measures in place. They might block you if you are trying to:

- Redeem too many Amazon codes at once.

- Use a VPN.

- Have more than one account.

- Buy costly products with your gift card balance.

Only Amazon Customer Service can help you directly to get to the bottom of your issue. Please contact them for help to access either your blocked code or account.

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