Phishing and Fraud Prevention

Your online safety is important to us! Online payment cards and digital gift cards are increasingly used to trick innocent people into losing their money. Once redeemed, they leave no trace to the malevolent scammer. On this page, you can inform yourself about the ongoing frauds, scammers and phishing attempts that are known to us. We hope that it will help you to make informed decisions and stay safe!

NEVER give your gift card code to anyone else. Not a person you don’t know. Not a company that asks for gift cards as a payment. Not an online seller. No one. Ever. Fraudsters are active and will trick you into losing your money. Gift card codes are instantly redeemable and cannot be refunded. They are lost to you the second you share the code with someone else. 

Currently known scams and fraud cases

Get paid to watch promotional videos

Scenario: You are invited to earn money by watching promotional videos. As an extra incentive, the site promises that you can more quickly multiply your earnings by inviting your friends to do the same job.

How they trick you: You will be asked to buy a gift card to allow your friends to sign up. Remember, never pay for a service with a gift card or give your code away to anyone who you do not know personally! They will take your code, delete your account and you will lose your money.

Online Marketplace Package Delivery Scam

Scenario: You were interested in buying a product that is sold by someone on Facebook, Instagram or any other online marketplace. 

How they trick you: After giving them your email address, you receive an email that looks like it was sent by a courier company or package delivery service like UPS, DPD or DHL. They inform you that a service fee must be paid upfront before they even deliver your product. You are asked to purchase a digital gift card from Dundle (US) and send them the code as payment for the service fee. They might even ask you to send them the digital gift card code via WhatsApp. You do that and then you are immediately blocked from their site and will not be able to contact them again.

Dating or Escort Scam | Romance Fraudsters

Scenario: You met someone via an online dating site, or wish to purchase explicit content via webcam services or online escort.

How they trick you:  They will state various reasons why you need to send them money, either to stay in touch or purchase the service in question. You are asked to pay them upfront, often by sending them a gift card code through WhatsApp or using a certain website. After that, you never hear from them again.

Twitter Contest Scam

Scenario: You participated in a Twitter contest, believing it to be from Dundle (US), but in reality, it was a fake account. 

How they trick you: They tell you that you need to buy a certain digital gift card from Dundle (US) and send them the code, so that you can receive another, much more expensive product from them for free. Needless to say, you will never receive your free product code and only lose the one you sent to them.

Instagram Contest Scam

Scenario: A friend on social media persuades you to enter a contest to win an expensive product for free.

How they trick you: They ask you to buy a digital gift card and enter the voucher code into the contest. However, your friend never sent you the message, instead, someone hacked their account. The contest never existed and the scammer runs off with your digital gift card code. 

How to detect a scam or fraud 

The examples above are just some of the most recent scams we are aware of. Most scams resemble each other. Here are the patterns to look out for:

  • Sympathy scams: People try to appeal to your good heart. They will tell you the most heart-wrenching stories just to trick you into buying gift cards for them. Stories like: “My baby has nothing to eat / wear / needs an operation” or “I am a handicapped veteran who needs food / a shower / transport”. Do not fall for these lies.

  • Bank account or electronic wallet phishing emails: You will receive an email, which claims to be from your bank or PayPal account at first sight. They will claim there has been suspicious activity on your account and ask you to reveal your login and password to them. Your official bank or electronic wallet does not have to ask you for your login or password, they store this data for you. 

  • SMS with mobile payment link: You will receive a text message which informs you that you owe someone money. There will be a link for you to click on to settle the payment. NEVER click that link - it will initiate a mobile payment and you will pay for an unknown amount with your mobile phone balance.  

  • Asking for a gift card as payment: The most general trait of a scam is that they ask for a gift card as payment in one way or another. Remember, gift cards are NOT an accepted payment method for anything other than the official site on which they can be redeemed. Keep your digital code for private use only. Never give it away as means of payment for anything to people you do not personally know! 

What to do when you get scammed?

Do not send them any more codes! Keep in mind: Digital products are immediately redeemable and non-refundable. Once you send the code to someone else, you can consider it stolen. Victims of fraud or scam should contact their local police as soon as possible to file a report and get in touch with a possible fraud helpdesk in their area.

When there is nothing we can do

We are very sorry if you were tricked into giving away your code. Please note that digital gift card codes are immediately redeemable and therefore, non-refundable. We are unable to send you a refund if you gave away your delivery email or digital code to:

  • A  person in real life

  • A WhatsApp number

  • An email address

  • An online form 

  • A website to redeem it on

  • Any social media account

  • Any online marketplace 

  • Any online chat

As specified in our Return Policy we cannot take products back, nor refund or exchange products that have already been delivered to you. Digital products are for personal use only and it is your responsibility to keep your digital codes safe.

Where we can help

If you are unsure about your situation, or don't feel comfortable buying a product for someone else, you can always contact our support team. We will gladly help you to make an informed decision. The advice we can give you one on one will be more detailed than we can publish here for security reasons.

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