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FEB 2 2021

5 Unusual Netflix Valentine’s Day Movies

Let’s be honest, there is always a certain pressure to make Valentine’s Day special. We all want it to be a memorable day. So watching the same romantic comedies year after year might not be exactly how you imagined quality time with your partner. Skip scrolling through the “what to watch” list this year and check out our list of 5 unconventional movies to watch with your loved one. All you need to do is to set the table, light the candles, get cozy and log into your Netflix subscription.

Corny, But Funny: I Am Not an Easy Man

It’s a man’s, man’s world… Or, is it? Let’s find out by following the adventure of a shameless chauvinist who finds himself in a female-dominated world. He meets Alexandra, an influential novelist notorious for her sexist outlook on men.

Despite being a comedy, this movie is thought-provoking and explains the issues of gender inequality in a humorous and creative way.

Haunting Story: Oh, Ramona!

There are difficult choices to make in life and Andrei knows everything about them. He used to be an average Joe in his class before dating Ramona, the most popular girl in the school. Sounds like an easy decision, right? Andrei thought so too before going on vacation and meeting the angelic Anemona. She is instantly charmed by his sincerity and quirkiness.

This novel-based movie will definitely keep you entertained for the rest of the evening. Moreover, after seeing Romania’s cute little towns and dramatic nature, you can end up planning your next holiday to visit the country of true Romans.

If Beale Street Could Talk

This beautifully filmed book adaption narrates the story of love and true devotion. Tish is a teenager who has to embrace her pregnancy while fighting against social injustice that puts her fiancé, Alonzo, behind bars. Backed up by her community, Tish has to push through many hardships on her way to happiness.

This movie will move you with its vivid scenes and story-telling. You will instantly find yourself immersed in the story, living through every moment of joy and sadness alongside Tish.

Lucky Charm: Private Life

When you have kids, your world changes and everything starts to revolve around them. But it also happens when you are yet to have children. Meet Rachel and Paul who are obsessed and desperate to conceive a baby. Luckily, the grey clouds above their heads break with the arrival of Paul’s step-niece.

Lawyers are to Blame: Marriage Story

The age-old story of a divorce that should have never happened. Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver) used to be a picturesque happy couple. But soon enough, ghosts from the past and unresolved issues catch up to them. Causing the first cracks in their marriage and eventually resulting in them growing apart. The idea of getting separated seems to be their only option to preserve mutual respect and friendly relations. What started as a sensible decision, turns into an all-out war between former lovers when the question of custody over their son comes into play. The fire between the two parents is continuously fueled by divorce lawyers who take every chance to make the situation even more dramatic.