Scam, Fraud and Phishing Prevention

Online payment cards and digital gift cards are often used by scammers to trick innocent people into losing their money. Once redeemed, these products leave no trace to the scammer. On this page, we inform you about ongoing scam and fraud attempts that we know of. If your code has been shared, we unfortunately cannot assist you. If you have not shared the code yet, please contact our Customer Support to see what can be done.

Only buy a gift card for your own use or as a gift for someone you know personally. Fraudsters/ scammers want to get paid with untraceable online cards. We cannot trace scammers through the payment this way. Always make sure to use a traceable payment method for online transactions. Gift card codes are instantly redeemable and cannot be refunded. They are lost to you the second you share the code with someone else.

Don't send any more codes. Keep in mind: Digital products are immediately redeemable and non-refundable. Once you send the code to someone else, you can consider it stolen. Victims of fraud or scam should contact their local police as soon as possible to file a report and get in touch with a possible fraud help desk in their area.

We are very sorry if someone tricked you into giving away your code. Please note that digital gift card codes are immediately redeemable and, therefore, non-refundable. As specified in our Terms & Conditions, we cannot take products back, refund, or exchange products that have already been delivered to you. We are unable to send you a refund if you gave away your delivery email or digital code to:

- A person in real life.

- A WhatsApp number.

- An email address.

- An online form.

- A website to redeem it on.

- Any social media account.

- Any online marketplace.

- Any online chat.

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