Neosurf Voucher

As an official reseller of Neosurf, we've got the answers to your most commonly asked questions about this popular online payment method below. Find all you need to know about using your card here.

Neosurf Vouchers should be spent at online platforms you are familiar with. We advise you never to send Neosurf Vouchers by email, telephone, or social media as payment. Additionally, avoid paying with Neosurf Vouchers on auction-style websites like eBay, Leboncoin, or Gumtree. This advice is to keep you safe and ultimately prevent you from falling for fraud.

Go to Neosurf and follow these simple steps to withdraw money from your Neosurf account:

1. Create a free myNeosurf Account.

2. Select “Deposit” and add the balance of your Neosurf Voucher to your account.

3. Click “Withdrawal” and pay the amount back to your bank account.

This typically takes 1-3 business days. In the event Neosurf grants your withdrawal request, a 6% management fee will apply

If you cannot spend your Neosurf Voucher at a specific website, you should check to see whether it is a Neosurf merchant partner. If the website is a Neosurf merchant partner and it still does not work, you should contact the Neosurf Support Team to assist you further. As an official reseller of Neosurf, we can assure you that these codes are valid and unused when you receive them from us. Neosurf should have the issue resolved for you in no time!

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