How to buy paysafecard with SMS

Buying products online by SMS tends to be very popular with younger users but it is not restricted to them. If you are someone who doesn’t have a traditional means of payment or if you don't use a credit card, using your mobile credit to make online purchases can be a handy means of payment. If you want to buy a paysafecard, you can do so at petrol stations, supermarkets or kiosks. However, for all those who want to buy a paysafecard from the comfort of their own home, Dundle, as an authorized online distributor of paysafecard, offers the perfect solution. And paysafecard is one of the most purchased online products by SMS, so it is worth knowing about! With us, you can buy paysafecard online with 62 payment methods and receive the psc PIN directly as a digital code via email. 

In addition to all viable online payment methods, you will also find various telephone payment providers with whom you can buy a paysafecard via SMS-Pay or by mobile phone bill. The trend to pay for products with a phone call or via SMS has also gathered prominence in the UK as well as the rest of Europe. But how does it work? And what are the advantages or disadvantages of this payment method?

What is paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a prevalent online payment method because of the high level of security and privacy it provides to its users. Founded in Austria in 2000, it is currently available in over 50 countries worldwide. As a payment method, it is very easy to use as it doesn’t require a bank account or credit card. Millions use it to buy goods and services online.

How does paysafecard work?

Paysafecard works in the same way as a prepaid bank card. Simply buy paysafecard at a physical store or online and use it to pay for any or all of your online purchases. The cards range in price, meaning you can choose to buy a  €10, €25, €50 or €100 card. If you’re in the UK you have access to an even broader range of options. Choose from £10, £25, £40, £50, £75, £100, £125, £150 or £175. Once you have your card, digital or physical, use it to pay online by entering the unique 16-digit code when prompted. There are no additional fees for using your paysafecard and you can use your card for multiple purchases. So, you don’t have to spend all in the one place. For more information, visit the paysafecard usage page.

The ease of buying paysafecard with SMS-pay and mobile phone bill

Due to the level of convenience, paying by phone is especially popular for quick online purchases. For example, you can buy a € 10 paysafecard with SMS-Pay without revealing your credit card or bank details.

All you have to do is: 

  1. Choose the amount of your paysafecard.

  2. Put it in your shopping cart. 

  3. Go to checkout.

  4. You can then choose phone payment providers such as Daopay, Boku (Fortumo), Onebip or PhonePay and start the payment.

To receive your order, it is important to finish all partial payments by SMS or phone call until the entire amount has been paid. Once this has been done, the code for your paysafecard will be sent to you immediately via email. The purchase amount is only due when your phone bill arrives.

How secure is payment by SMS and Phone Pay?  

Of course, there is always the question of how secure any online payment method is. Unfortunately, fraud is a real threat with online payments in general. The good news is that you can take appropriate measures to protect yourself from getting scammed. Such as: Never share your gift card code with anyone else, never forward a Dundle delivery email to anyone else, and best not let anyone else use your mobile phone unsupervised. Like all trustworthy webshops, Dundle uses various security checks to guarantee you are safe to enjoy all the benefits of conveniently paying online by phone, or any other payment method you choose.

The advantages of buying paysafecard by SMS

You'll love the convenience, security, flexibility, and ease of buying paysafecard with your mobile plan! We have summarised the main advantages below:

  1. No need for a credit card: you can buy paysafecard codes online without needing a credit or debit card.

  2. Your data remains private: You don't need to share your personal or bank details.

  3. Get paysafecard day and night: you can buy your codes at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  4. Easy payment: all you need is your mobile phone.

  5. Secure transactions: they are made via a secure payment protocol.

The disadvantages of buying paysafecard with SMS

In order to be completely transparent with you, buying products online via SMS has its advantages, but it can also be restrictive. Here are the main disadvantages:

  1. High fees: buying paysafecard via premium SMS can incur high fees due to the costs associated with text messaging. These fees may vary depending on the mobile operator (e.g. Daopay, Onebip, Boku).

  2. Limitations: paysafecard purchases via SMS are usually limited in amount, which can be a disadvantage if you need a large sum.

  3. Fraud risks: purchasing paysafecard by SMS can involve security risks, as SIM card information can be compromised or hacked.

  4. Possible delay: purchasing paysafecard by SMS may take longer to process than other purchase methods, which can be a disadvantage if you need a card quickly.

  5. Limited operators: purchasing paysafecard by SMS may be limited to the payment options available via mobile phone operators. This can be a disadvantage if you prefer to use a different payment method.

If you have any concerns during or after purchasing your code, please visit the Dundle help page for paysafecard. You will probably find the answers to your questions there.

What should you consider when buying via SMS or mobile phone?

The following five things are important to consider when option for paying by phone or sms.

1. You take high transaction costs into account

Paying by phone is convenient, but also expensive. When opting to pay by phone, the final amount you have to pay can be once, twice or even four times as much as the initial product price. The final amount depends on the payment provider, the amount of the purchase and the country you are in. Keep in mind that Dundle does not influence the final amount, which is determined by the transaction costs of the payment service provider. We sell a lot of products without service costs, but if we do ask for them they amount to €1 for a € 10 card.  Service costs are for Dundle, while transaction costs are issued by the payment service provider. 

2. You will be redirected to the payment process 

Dundle offers several payment providers where you can pay by mobile phone or SMS, such as Daopay, Boku (Fortumo), Onebip or PhonePay. Once you have chosen a payment provider, you leave Dundle to enter the payment process. Only after you have paid the full amount to the payment provider will you be redirected back to the Dundle page to receive your order.

3. You have to complete the whole payment process

You may have to pay the total amount of your order in several texts, or several calls. It is recommended that you never cancel the payment process once you have started. Canceling the payment process would cause your order with Dundle to be on hold, because the payment provider would give the signal that the payment is pending. Therefore, your payment is only partially completed and so, an unfinished order. To complete the rest of any partial payments you may have, simply request your order history from Dundle. You will then receive an email with all your previously completed orders, as well as the pending payment. Click on the order with the pending payment and you will be taken back to the payment provider to complete the process. After that, your order should arrive immediately.

Keep in mind: If you do not finish all partial payments, only the phone payment provider can give you a refund. To request a refund of your partial payments you have to contact Daopay, Boku (Fortumo), Onebip or PhonePay directly.  

4. You should know the limits of your mobile phone service provider.

Both, the payment provider and your mobile service provider, handle limits for phone payments. Even if you have already started paying by phone, your provider may refuse to accept the payment. So find out in advance how much leeway you have per month when paying by SMS or phone. 

5. You ensure your own security when verifying your identity 

Most mobile phone numbers are not secret, and mobile phones tend to lie around unlocked and unattended from time to time. There is a serious risk that someone could take advantage of such a situation. That's why there are relatively more security checks around phone payments than there are for other payment methods. Please remember that if you ever need to verify your identity, or prove that the phone you would like to pay with is really yours, these checks are only meant for your own security.

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