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Introducing Dundle World!

Free products are waiting for you! You've earned them!

How does it work?

It's simple! You purchase products on Dundle (CZ) and you earn Coins! Easily exchange them at Dundle World for free gift cards, payment cards, gaming credit and more. The choice is yours!

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Get products for free
Step 1


You earn Coins each time you buy products at Dundle (CZ).
Step 2


Visit Dundle World through the link in your delivery email and choose the island where you want to cash in your Coins.
Step 3


Claim your free product in exchange for your Coins!
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FAQ Dundle World

You can redeem your coins through the link provided in your order delivery email.

- Click the button that says "Discover Dundle World" at the bottom of the page.

- Select your island.

- Choose the product you want to exchange your Coins for.

- Click "Exchange" and your Coins will be redeemed for the selected product.

With every purchase you make on Dundle, you earn Dundle Coins that you can eventually exchange for free products. Your collected Dundle Coins are automatically linked to the email you use to buy from Dundle. So, every time you use the same email address at Dundle, you earn more Dundle Coins. The number of Coins you collect varies depending on the product and its value.

You can only access your Coin stash after you bought a product from Dundle. Only then you will receive a link in your email or on the delivery page that brings you to Dundle World.

Loyalty is important to us, so we reward customers who shop with us frequently with Dundle Coins. Your Dundle Coins are valid for 365 days. Each time you shop at Dundle, the validity is automatically extended for another year.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund Coins or undo your choice. So choose wisely and make sure to select the correct region for your free product.

It is not currently possible to transfer Dundle Coins to someone else, or to merge them with your Coins from another email address.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to combine Coin amounts from two different email addresses into one. We suggest that you only use one email address so that you have all your Dundle Coins in one place.

Dundle Coins can only be used on Dundle World for free products.

While you still earn Coins when buying a paysafecard on dundle, you cannot exchange dundle Coins for a free paysafecard.

While you still earn Coins when buying Neosurf on dundle, you cannot exchange dundle Coins for free Neosurf.

Due to brand restrictions, it is not possible to earn or exchange dundle Coins for Google Play gift codes. These specific limitations only apply to Google Play codes purchased for the following countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

That is due to the brand restrictions of external companies. Some of them do not apply to the exchange on Dundle World, like paysafecard for example. There are some alternative brands from which you can choose.

It depends on the specific product that you buy, and it can change over time. We are working on a new feature that will show you how many Dundle Coins you earn with your purchase. So stay tuned!

Start shopping, start earning! Visit Dundle (CZ) and begin collecting your Coins today!
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