My Order Was Canceled

There are a variety of reasons an order will be automatically canceled, but don’t worry, your refund is on its way. We are sorry that this occasionally occurs, but here is a little more information on why it can happen.

Yes, of course! It will happen automatically and take 1-3 working days, depending on the payment method that you used. Check out the refund FAQs for more specific details.

There are several reasons why your order was canceled automatically. The most common are listed below:

- Our online store did not accept your credit card. We only accept cards that are 3D secure.

- We declined your order for security reasons.

- You have reached your payment limit. Please wait several days after your last successful order before making another.

- You did not verify your payment within the allotted 15 minutes. You must therefore wait 2 hours before attempting another purchase. You should have received a link to our trusted verification partner Shufti to upload your ID document or an email to collect your products.

We ask our customers to verify themselves to help prevent fraud and theft. The verification process we use contributes to greater security measures like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). These processes are integral measures to help prevent all our customers from falling victim to scams.

Please note: Always make sure to order one of our products for yourself or someone you know personally. Never use it as payment to a third party. Always use a traceable payment method for transactions on the internet.

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