I Cannot Order

Error messages are the worst, but we can try to help you solve the problem. See the questions below for the solutions to any error alert you may receive when shopping on Dundle.

There are several reasons why your order might get declined. Most of them have to do with our strict security measures, which are necessary to make Dundle a safe place for everyone. Here are some tips to try if your order was declined. 

  1. Please wait at least 4 hours before trying to place a new order. This should reset all temporary limits and enable you to order again.

  2. Try to lower the amount of our order, or choose another payment method. 

  3. Try using an email address that you’ve used to order from us successfully in the past.  

  4. Check if your VPN is on and turn it off. This sometimes withholds users from making orders.

  5. Try ordering another product. It may no longer be possible to purchase this product in your country.

  6. If you made a chargeback on PayPal in the past, it may have resulted in a temporary restriction. Please contact us to find out if that is the case for you.

We hope this helps and apologize for any inconvenience.

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